25. – 27. Juni 2018
AM&P - Association Media & Publishing, Washington [Mehr]
28. – 29. Juni 2018
DAM Europe, London [Mehr]
4. –  7. September 2018
Content Marketing World, Cleveland/USA [Mehr]


19. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
Study: @CondeNast Has More Influence on Consumers Than Google or Facebook - via @MediaPost
18. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
@dpcinyc founder Joe Bachana reports on the successful implementation of vjoon K4 at National Education Association…
15. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
Congratulations to all nominees and winners of the #BCM2018 Awards in #Vienna! Everyone of you can be very proud of…
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
Von den Superadlern zum frischen Wind @VolksbankAT - Gast Andreas Goldberger auf der Bühne #sportsponsoring
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
As #SocialMediaManager Barbara Bleierne-Serentschy brings new energy to the company Volksbank Wien @VolksbankAT
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
Dr. Thomas Schwetje from @coop_ch talks about the fact that #Content drives Business in #Food retailing - they publ…
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
What's Next for #ContentMarketing? #BCM2018
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
We continue with Workshop 6.1 - the motto "How to drive qualitative visits with interactive content: 3 case studies…
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
#Lunch #break and #networking at #BCM2018 #Wien
14. Juni, vjoon @vjoon
A lot of #keymetrics, #figures etc. - Prof. Dr. Clemens Koob gives a speech about investments in #ContentMarketing,…