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Automated Article Import

Tags:Web CMS, Article Import, Online First, Lean Process, K4 Drop Folders Advanced

Integration with Twixl Publisher

Tags:Digital Publishing, Mobile, App, Tablet, Content Marketing, Lean Process

vjoon Storage Engine

Tags:Database, Snapshot, Cloud, On-Premises, Marketing, Intuitive UI, Lean Process

Easy Approval Management

Tags:Feature, Approval Management, Promotion and Marketing Materials, Intuitive UI, Lean Process

SIEMENS annual report produced in just ten days with vjoon K4

Tags:Interview, Annual Reports, XML, Automations, Website, Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette)

Creating Annual Reports

Tags:Feature, Annual Reports, Anchored Objects, Tables, Excel Spreadsheets, Browser

HTML based DPS Articles with vjoon K4

Tags:Feature, AEM Mobile (Adobe DPS), Mobile Publishing, Automations, HTML, Templates

The psychology of online experience

Tags:Interview, Psychology, Online Experience, Study, vjoonity europe 2014

Les Echos

Tags:Interview, Custom Financial Magazines, Websites, Automations, Lean Process, vjoonity europe 2014


Tags:Interview, Magazine, Digital Publishing, vjoonity europe 2014

vjoonity europe 2014 Review

Tags:vjoonity europe 2014, Event, Hamburg, Highlights

vjoonity americas 2014 Review

Tags:vjoonity americas 2014, Event, New York City, Highlights

Porsche Consulting, Inc.

Tags:Interview, Lean Management, Agile Publishing, UPP, Operational Excellence, vjoonity americas 2014

Le Point

Tags:Interview, Multi Channel, Tablet, Smartphone, News Magazine, vjoonity americas 2014

Highlights for Children

Tags:Interview, Books, Automations, Archiving, vjoonity americas 2014

vjoonity Conference 2013 Review

Tags:vjoonity conference 2013, Event, Hamburg, Highlights

Porsche Consulting

Tags:Interview, Agile Publishing, Lean Management, UPP, Operational Excellence, vjoonity conference 2013

Infel Corporate Media

Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Tablet, Multichannel, vjoonity conference 2013

Prometheus Global Media

Tags:Interview, Magazine, Multichannel, vjoonity americas 2014

Condé Nast International

Tags:Interview, Magazine, Global Roll-out, Multichannel, vjoonity conference 2013

University Dortmund

Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Education, Campus News

DVV Media Group

Tags:Interview, Special Interest, Traffic & Logistics

Verlagsgruppe Milchstraße (Hubert Burda Media)

Tags:Interview, Consumer Publishing, Special Interest Magazine, TV Guide, Workflows

Reader’s Digest

Tags:Interview, Consumer Magazine, General Interest, Subscriptions, Tablet

RedBull MediaHouse

Tags:Interview, 360-Media-Company, Corporate Publishing, Magazine, Tablet, Multilingual


Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Communications Agency, Credit Suisse


Tags:Interview, Consumer Publishing, Newspaper, Magazine, Tablet


Tags:Interview, Communications Agency, INFINITI, Automotive Industry, Connected Offices

Burda Digital Systems

Tags:Interview, Consumer Publishing, Group IT Service Provider, Web Editor

McGraw-Hill Education

Tags:Interview, Books, Education, Global Distributed Production, 1,000+ Users

Schoeller Corp. Communication

Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Communications Agency


Tags:Interview, Process Consulting, Corporate Publishing

Corps. Corporate Publishing

Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Communications Agency

Credit Suisse

Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Customer Magazine, Tablet, Banking & Financial Services


Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Annual Reports, Chemical Industry, Multilingual

Addison Corporate Marketing

Tags:Interview, Corporate Publishing, Annual Reports, Communications Agency

vjoonity Conference 2012 Review

Tags:vjoonity conference 2012, Event, Hamburg, Highlights

vjoonity Conference 2011 Review

Tags:vjoonity conference 2011, Event, Hamburg, Highlights

vjoonity Conference 2010 Review

Tags:vjoonity conference 2010, Event, Hamburg, Highlights

vjoonity Conference 2008 Review

Tags:vjoonity conference 2008, Event, Hamburg, Highlights